Coming To The Table! 

Who is Coming To Your Table?

We often gather at tables, whether it be the dining room table, board room table, picnic table, coffee shop table, the round table, the oval office table and the list goes on and on.  But the fact is, many exciting things happen at or around the table. Family discussions and disagreements, power meetings, interviews, general and social conversations to life changing conversations.  The table is the key to life!

I have many memories, some fond and some not too fond.  I grew up in a home where meals were a family event and a must.  The discussions ranged from everyday conversations about school and friends, to what was showing at the movie theater and was I allowed to go and see it, to heated discussions about dating, how late was our curfew to the always embarrassing conversation of sex.  When we were mature enough the conversations turned to politics and religion.  We became educated at the table or should I say it was a continuation of our formal education.  My parents wanted us to be well versed in what was happening locally, in our country and around the world, because in the end it affected all of us in some way, shape or form.

Lately I have been reminiscing about how much I really do miss those family times together at the table.  Eating at the dining room table meant that all seven of us were together and that it was going to be a family event.

As a parent to three daughters, I tried to bring that same atmosphere to the table.  As we all know times change and it became challenging with schedules, activities and work. I decided long ago that Sunday was our Family Day.  We would go to church together, breakfast and then close the day with a family meal and prepare for the coming week.  It was the most special day of the week.  It meant that I did not have to share my girls with anyone or anything and that all of would spend time together.  As the girls went out on their own and the empty nest syndrome set in the table now awaits for those special occasions that bring us all to the table.  I so look forward now to every birthday, anniversary, Holiday, any reason to come to the table, sometimes it is just because I need my Sunday fix.  A family event!

Today I think that we do not put the real value of coming to the table and engaging in eye to eye conversation high on our priority list.  I love seeing communication boards outside coffee shops and restaurants that say, “No Wi-Fi, Come in and Talk to Each Other!”  

So I offer you this challenge! The Holidays are coming and I would like YOU to come back to the table and create an event.  It can be with family, friends, extended family, acquaintances, or even those who might need comfort and company during the Holidays.  Only YOU can make it happen!  So come to the table and bring back lively conversation, eye to eye communication and a feeling of family back to life!

Sit Back and ENJOY the Conversation!