Landa Miller: 

Landa Millerís great passion is to share the healing arts of tai chi and qigong.  They are not just exercise but, rather, a system for overall health, with a philosophical basis that can be applied to every day life. 


While working in corporate America, Landa began studying tai chi following knee surgery.  She instantly fell in love with tai chi. Her first teachers were the official lineage holders of the Lu Style. On her first trip to China, as an English teacher, she was accepted as a student by tai chi and qigong masters in Shanghai.  She used her arts to heal from a sever motor accident in 2007, which made her determination to share these arts even more resolute. 


Landa has had the privilege of teaching in corporate settings, medical clinics, recreation centers, Fun Ed, the SíCool, Museum of Nature and Science, Yum! Brands, Frito-Lay/Pepsi, home owners grJoe oups, and privately.  She offered volunteer sessions at Texas Health Resourceís Presbyterian Hospital for the trauma unitís Matter of Balance classes and often does presentations in educational and arts settings. Her forms include:  Lu 72 Tai Chi, Lu Sword, Lu Qigong, Yang 24, Yang Sword, Tai Chi Chih (variation), Plum Flower Fan, Swimming Dragon, Spring Forest Qigong, and Pan Gong (only person outside of China designated to teach this form, which was a gift from Pan Lao Shi in Shanghai). She holds medals in regional, national, and international competitions.  Landa is delighted to be at AquaFit, where the interest in health is shared and appreciated through an impressive and dedicated group of caring teachers.