Aqua~Fitness Class Information

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Enjoy anyone of our wonderful aquatic fitness classes. Each class can be modified to fit the needs of anyone of our clients.

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Class Descriptions       
H2O Sports Conditioning (Moderate +) – This is a sports-inspired class for athletes of all ages.  It will focus on strength, speed and agility all with proper body alignment.  Whatever sport you play, cross-training in the aquatic environment will improve your game.

Cardio Blast (Advance ++) – Instructor recommendation required. Blast your cardio fitness level through the roof with the best of High Intensity Interval training, Tabata and anything cardio the instructor feels like throwing at you.  Challenge your aerobic threshold every class and have fun doing it!

Water Dynamics (Moderate +) – 5 minute warm-up / Cardio 30+ minutes / Muscle strength and stretching.

Muscles Move to Renew (Low) – Stabilization of core/ range of motion for the joints / resistance movements for muscles and lots of stretching.

Aqua Yoga (Low) – Aqua Yoga is a method that allows you to explore healthy movement patterns, develop total body strength and cultivate greater mobility in shoulders and hips. Connect with a variety of traditional yoga postures in innovative, creative and safe ways; learn how to breathe with a stronger diaphragm and discover how to experience release and relaxation in the water. All levels welcome.

Therapeutic Movement (Level 1) – Beginner class – Perfect for post-op patients and those who have just been released from PT. Emphasizes on alignment, core stabilization, balance, energy conservation and breathing techniques through water movements. Improves flexibility and muscle tone. Provides relief to tired joints and stimulates mind and body relaxation.

Therapeutic Movement (Level 2) – Instructor recommendation required. Best for those who have completed Level 1.

Aquatic Revival (Low – Moderate) – Light to moderate cardio with movements to help tone muscles and build endurance with stretches and range of motion.

Aquatic Circuits (Moderate ++) – For the swimming enthusiast – stroke drills, resistance circuits and endurance training.

H2O Happy Hour (Moderate +) – De stress the work week with fun music, de-stressing exercises and stretching.