Annick Gunn
Front Desk Assistant

Annick Gunn started her corporate resorts management career in 1986 where she worked in all capacities with Hyatt Resorts worldwide for 12 years. In 2000, Annick started her own business as one of the founding Executive Directors for Homemade Gourmet. Lucky for us, Annick landed at Aqua~Fit in 2012 and became our morning Desk Assistant keeping us organized and moving forward. Annick decided to join the Aqua~Fit team because when she met Mimi she really liked her personality and philosophy's; having a special needs child of her own, it touched Annick's heart to see all the great programs that Aqua~Fit offers for the special ones. She really enjoys helping all the customers that walk through our doors and loves making them feel like Aqua~Fit is their second home.