Why Practice IS Perfect?

Itís the Perfect Solution for Learning To Swim Safely this Summer!!

Donít be left at the pool steps or the baby pool, not knowing what to do with your child in the water.

Let us help you make that trip to the pool, beach or water park safe, enjoyable and fun.

We will do most of the work; you just have to work right alongside of us by taking your swimmer to the pool to PRACTICE.

Here is what practice can do for your swimmer:

  •      It is the only way to improve and break down barriers
  •      It helps the teacher to improve their skill level & advances the child
  •      Increases physical development and awareness
  •     Improves balance, coordination and body control
  •     Achievement of success and excitement for a job well done
  •     Prepares both mentally and physically for the next lesson
  •     Builds confidence & self-esteem making it fun (ďI can do itĒ)
  •     Builds endurance & the skill level for advancement

Practicing becomes fun when it is part of the learning process.  It allows your child to explore and work on the skills that they are taught at their lesson.

Parents who watch and pay attention to their child during their lesson time can take what they observe to the pool to practice with their child.

I have found that children who go to the pool, practice, play and practice, become very confident and strong swimmers.


 If a child wears floaties all the time they stay a vertical swimmer.  This can be quite challenging to get this swimmer into the horizontal position.  Children love them and I am ok with them wearing them as long as they get swim time without them.

A Plan:  Reinforce the safety of entering the pool with the parent, practice their skills taught in their class and then let them wear their floaties for play time.  Before you get out of the pool take the floaties off and practice a bit more and then leave with a safe exit from the pool.  Please do not let your child become dependent on the floaties. 

Practice makes Perfect-the Safe Swimmer