More Water Safety Rules

Texas hot summers is all about having fun and staying cool at the pool, spa, lakes and beaches.  For people, especially young children, drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths. Most children drowning occur during a five minute or less lapse in adult supervision. Avoid this tragic accident; donít rely on one safety system. Layering safety precautions provides the strongest safeguard in preventing drowning.

Here are just a few Water Safety tips:

Create a Water Watching Program-A designated responsible adult watches children when they are in or around any type of water. All non-swimmers need to be with an experienced swimmer at all times. This is especially important during large gatherings and parties.

Never leave a child alone-There is no substitute for constant adult supervision.  Just because a child has had swimming lessons does not mean that they are water safe. Accidents happen. No one is drowning proof. Children can drown in as little as 2 feet of water.


Phones should be at the pool area with a 911 emergency card including home address and emergency numbers.  Safety equipment, poles and ring buoys should be quickly available for an emergency. Caretakers should be trained in water-safety, CPR and First Aid.


Babysitters should not bear the responsibility of watching children in the pool or spa. They get distracted and not all babysitters are strong swimmers themselves or responsible enough to know what to do.

All toys, floats and pool/spa stuff should be put out of sight and away from the pool/spa area so they will not attract a child to the pool/spa when not in use. Bright colored objects will lure a child to the water.

Self closing, self latching fences around the pool area, alarms on doors to the pool/spa area, alarms in the pool, protects your family members, neighborhood children and pets.  Interior/exterior alarms add another layer of protection.

Remove steps and ladders from above ground pools when not in use and store away from the pool.

Have all of your pool/spa and safety equipment checked regularly.  Preventive devices are only effective if they work properly.

Wear sunscreen most damage happens before the age of 18-this will last a lifetime.


Learn about Dry Drowning: Anyone can inhale swimming pool/spa water.  When it gets into the lungs-this can become a serious problem.  Anyone who has been in the water and begins to act differently, seek emergency help right away.  Wanting to sleep is a symptom and can lead to death quietly due to Dry Drowning.


Stay Alert!!  Stay Alert!!

Summer is about having fun, being with friends and family sharing time together and making memories.  Donít let your child become a statistic. Most water related accidents can be prevented by knowing, teaching, following and reinforcing the stay safe swimming rules.

Be Cool, Stay Safe and Follow the Rules!


Mimi Conner, Director/Owner

Aqua~Fit Swim, Fitness and Wellness Center

Water Awakening
Looking to exercise and just donít want to hit the gym, donít like to sweat or it just plain hurts to do land base exercise.  Then head to the water where the magic begins.  We call it the fountain of life; it allows us to move somuch  more freely that pain and discomfort melts away.  Finding your comfort level is a key ingredient to success in the water.  Non Swimmers can take it easy in the shallow water, learning the traits of the water on the body.  Being in the water allows them to be less weight bearing and more buoyant giving our bodies and joints freedom to move.  Effective water exercise is learned day by day while learning how to use your body in the water.  You must have contol of your body and not let the water control you.  Once you have this down you can meet any challenge given to whether it is a piece of buoyancy equipment or heading to deeper water.  As we get older and find that what we use to do isnít working for us, an injury occurs or Arthritis is creeping in the water can become your best friend as long as you visit it and treat it just as you did when you made that commitment to the gym years ago.

So whatever ails you, head to the water and experience what so many of us have known for a very long time.  Water is good for the body.