Aqua~Fitness Class Information

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Enjoy anyone of our wonderful aquatic fitness classes.

Each class can be modified to fit the needs of anyone of our clients.

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Aquatic Revival:

Cardio class that will get you invigorated to greet, meet and enjoy your day with a moderate to high energy level challenge, designed to wake up the body and get moving!


Water Dynamics:

Get Moving and Keep Going! This aquatic class is moderate or high level aerobic conditioning class. Classes will include muscle flexibility, strength and endurance exercises set to moderate to high cardiovascular exercise intensity. 


Muscles Move to Renew:

Therapeutic Aquatic Class For: Anyone with Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Orthopedic and Muscular Issues. This aquatic class renews the body for ease of movement, reduces pain/fatigue and increases body awareness. Emphasis will be on core stability; introducing and incorporating balance, integrity of mobility, muscle/joint stability and relaxation, independent of low intensity cardiovascular conditioning.

Therapeutic and Fundamental movement with Structural Integration:

A movement in re-education with a warm water exercise program, emphasizing alignment, core stabilization, balance, energy conservation and breathing techniques through water movements.  This program uses the warm water qualities of moist heat, water massage plus support and resistance while exploring the individualís joint range of motion and flexibility.


Aqua~Yoga in warm water provides openness and stability of shoulder, knee and hip joints, as well as minor joints with increased range of motion. Aqua~Yoga provides a greater awareness of how to improve breathing and correct erroneous breathing patterns all the while improving balance and core awareness.You will experience quieting of the mind and soothing the nervous system releasing tension and stress.

The best end result is improved sleep!