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“You are what you eat” isn’t just an expression. What you put in your body has a definite impact on your health. You need to provide your body’s most basic building blocks—cells—with the right amount of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants every day to improve your health from the cell up.

The USANA Essentials are your answer. Taken together, the combination of Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral offer a superior range of highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant nutrients to build a strong foundation of exceptional health.

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Your Health.  Your Life.  Your Way. 
Nutrition For You, Designed By You. 
Everyone is different. 
So why take the same supplements as the next guy?
USANA always has you in mind, from the True Health Assessment and Companion to MyHealthPak and our whole line of Optimizers. Choose the nutritionals that work for you and then get back to living your life.

Aqua~Fit is excited to offer to our customers one of the top wellness products in the United States, USANA Health Sciences. By combining exercise, nutrition and great wellness products, we can help you with your fitness and health goals for 2016.

NSF International has certified our good manufacturing practices, and USANA products meet stringent requirement of both informed-Choice and HFL Sport Science. PLUS, we guarantee  that our supplements contain what's listed on the label.
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Come visit our shop...we have products here to purchase!
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ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES USANA is an award winning leader in the networking marketing and the health and wellness industries.  With operation in 19 markets around the globe, your future with USANA is in your hands.  
There are no limits to where your USANA business can take you.  
Whatever your goals, USANA can help you succeed.                     
Let us help you take charge of your life. 

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