Miss Mimi Conner founded, developed, managed and trained staff for Medical Center of Plano Aquatics Program. After the program’s closure 10 years later, she opened Aqua~Fit Swim and Fitness Family Wellness Center in January 2008. She felt there was a need in the Collin County Community for a comprehensive swim and wellness center for all age types, with an emphasis on the family modality. Miss Mimi has over 25+ years of swimming, aquatics and instructor experience to her credit. She has a reputation of providing caring, compassionate and stellar skills in reaching and touching students' lives with positive reinforcement. Parents often comment that since their children have been taking classes with Miss Mimi, they have witnessed their children “come out of their shell." The adults in her program often state that, "they would not be any other place.” She believes in giving back to her community by offering free water safety programs, usage of her pool to special needs groups and offering scholarships to those who cannot afford area programs. Her dream is to help whoever wants to be helped through her Aqua~Fit Programs and USANA Cellular Nutritional Supplements.

Strength, Balanced & Stretched Instructor

(Fall Prevention) 

Learn to Swim Instructor

Adaptive Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Instructor



  • American Red Cross-WSI (Water Safety Instructor), Lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor
  • AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association)
  • SCW Fitness Education
  • Arthritis Foundation Association Aquatics Instructor
  • American Heart Association
  • CPO (Certified Pool Operator).


·         Leadership Plano Graduate (22) and Past Board Member

·         ACS-Plano Relay for Life Cancer Survivor Chair

·         Medical Center of Plano Breast Cancer Survivor Caring and Sharing Support Group

·         Employee of the Year-Medical Center of Plano

·         Member of the Plano Chamber of Commerce

·         2009 Volunteer of the Year Breakfast Co-Chairman
      Miss Mimi is a Trainer, Presenter, Faculty Member and Event Coordinator for Hydro-Fit Academy and SCW Fitness Education. She also teaches Aquatic Safety Programs for Schools, Plano Police Academy Summer Safety School, Camps, Safety Fairs, Parent/Neighborhood Organizations and Daycares.
Motivational Speaker:

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Topics Include:


  •       Breast Cancer Awareness-My Personal Story-T-CUP
  •       Breast Cancer Changed My Life -Lemons into Lemonade
  •       Fitness for the AMA-Active Mature Adult Baby Boomers and Beyond
  •       How to Become an AMA-Living with Arthritis
  •      Water Safety-Longfellow Whale Tales-American Red Cross
  •      Water Safety and Learn to Swim for New and Experienced Parents


Thriving as a Survivor…. My Breast Cancer Story

by Mimi Conner

Early Detection is the Best Prevention.  Getting regular screening tests is the best way for women to lower their risk of dying from breast cancer. Screening tests can find breast cancer early, when it's most treatable. At least for me it was.  In 1997 I was diagnosed with advanced stage 2 Breast Cancer.  I remember that day like it was a moment ago.  I was on my second visit to the radiologist for a repeat mamogram.  Nerves were already shot when I walked in the doctor’s office, thinking the worst and hoping for the best.  My husband Stephen was out of town.  When I heard the words suspicious I knew that it was not good.  Being all alone made it even more trying.  I left feeling very alone and frightened.  I got to my car and just sobbed, . . . what to do?  Knowing that I couldn’t get a hold of Stephen I called my mom in St. Louis, who was a BC Survivor of 15 years at that time.  Being the strong woman that she was she calmed me down and with her mom voice said, Mimi, “It is just a pebble in the water: a ripple, it will be ok and we will get through this together”.


From my diagnosis at the hospital I went straight to one of my best friend’s home where I was immediately given a hug and a glass of wine.  My friends were rallied and soon the house was filled with what was to be my Texas Family Support Group. This day was the first step of a journey that helped me understand the value of faith, life, family, friends and community.


So my friends take today to take care of you.  Do you have your Mamogram scheduled? When was the last time you had a complete physical, had your teeth cleened and checked and are you exercising? Studies have found that Exercise helps reduce the risk of all cancers. Exercise was one of my best recovery treatments.  The water became my best friend.  I was able to feel the warm water working its magic on my reconstructed, weak and feeling very old body.  My plastic surgeon told me I would probably not be able to have the same ability to swim as before surgery.  I was determined to prove him wrong and worked tediously to get back into shape and stregthen my upper body to where I was able to swim with confidence and form.  He was very proud of me that after three month post surgery I was able to prove him wrong. Yay Me!!


I INVITE ALL BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS TO VISIT AQUA~FIT AND ITS MANY WONDERFUL FITNESS CLASSES for a FREE Class and FREE Enrollment Fee with sign up. I will also meet with you and help you find the best program for you needs and goals (by appointment only). You too will find what I experienced over fifteen years ago. So come and join me in our warm salt water, circuit gym, Yoga or Pain Management classes and feel the Aqua~Fit/Fit2 Studio difference.


Remember Breast Cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence.  Monthly Self Breast Exams, Mammograms, Physicals, Eating Right and Exercise are all the best prevention.


Are you in charge of your life?  If not Take Charge Today! 

Call Mimi: 972-578-7946

Taking little steps for BIG Results!