Learn To Swim/Fitness Program
Safe Swimmer & Land Program for the Special Child

The Special Child faces challenges when it comes to learning to swim, balance and coordination.

Aqua~Fit creates a supportive environment that promotes fun, play and learning in a safe environment that is recreational, motivational and educational. Each class is developed, personalized, and goal oriented to each child’s own pace.

Our Goal:
To provide the special child and their families’ moments of joy, laughter, fun and time away in a fun, safe environment.

Our Programs are excellent for the Special Child:
  • Improves Flexibility, Coordination and Range of Motion
  • Strengthens/Tones Muscles & Aerobic Fitness
  • Builds Self Esteem
  • Improves Spatial and Body Awareness, Gross Motor Coordination and Control
  • Learns New Behaviors and Skills
  • Promotes Fun and Play for the Child as Well as For the Family

Through participation in the Aqua~Fit program, the Special Child will learn to feel more positive in an environment that promotes success mixed with love, fun and play.

The Special Child is able to forget about their limitations while learning new behaviors, skills and
a fun play/exercise time.

Aqua~Fit develops each class time specifically for your child’s needs and abilities.

Each 6 week session is as follows – See pricing below:

  • Froggies 1: 4:30pm with Parent or an Adult (30 minutes) – $99
  • Froggies 2: 5:45pm- Independent Class - Swim Only (30 Minutes) – $99
  • Froggies Gym and Swim: 5:15pm- Independent Class - Gym and Swim (60 Minutes) - $115
  • Froggies 1: 3:25pm with Parent or an Adult (30 minutes) – $99
  • Froggies 2: 3:25pm- Independent Class - Swim Only (30 Minutes) – $99
  • Private Lessons Available
All Children must be evaluated with Miss Mimi or Special Need Staff Member for an evaluation and assessment to find the best class for the Swimmer.

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